A Quick How-To For Improving Customer Satisfaction

E-commerce has nearly doubled its market share of all total retail sales since 2010 (4.6%-9.1%) and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It adds speed and convenience to a process that otherwise can be a chore when variables such as availability, crowd size and traffic come into play.

A survey of the web done in 2014 found that

  • The largest E-commerce sites on the internet make up about 1% of the total population and generate 34% of the total revenue.
  • A distinct middle tier of E-commerce sites make up 51% of the total population and generate 63% of the total revenue.
  • Small E-commerce sites make up 48% of the total population and generate 3% of the total revenue.

So how do you separate yourself from the other 100,000 e-commerce websites around the world?


Fast and Reliable Delivery

No one wants to wait for their packages. Amazon, which owns more than 40% of the E-commerce market share in the US, offers 2-Day and 2-hour shipping options for its Prime members. The quicker a customer can receive their package, the more likely they are to order from your store again. SunShip’s warehouse is new MIA and all major Florida ports, which allows us to provide our customers with same-day delivery throughout the state, and next-day delivery in the entire US.

Flexible Delivery Options

Most customers opt to have their items delivered to their door, or to the nearest retail location, if available, but providing more delivery options gives them more control of their orders. Choose the correct shipping partner that’s going to help you provide the best shopping and shipping experience for your customers.

Reverse Logistics

When Zappos couldn’t figure out how to be “different” on Facebook, CEO Tony Hsieh decided to use it as a channel of direct communication for customers who wanted to make an exchange to their order. One of the most overlooked functions of E-commerce is the customer experience when attempting to return or exchange an item. An efficient reverse logistics process could help your online store stand out. Customers remember when they’ve received excellent service in an effort to make a change to their order, which increases the likelihood of them sharing their positive experience on social media.


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