Shipping Labels

Picking a shipping label is a crucial part of the packaging and shipping process. Labels are affected by the size and weight of the package as well as weather. Those factors play a major role when trying to determine which kind of label material should be used. The strategy behind this can be difficult, so we’ve developed a short guide to the various kinds of labels and their properties to make the decision a little easier! We’ve separated them between paper and plastic, which determines a majority of their proper uses.

Paper labels:

  • Fluorescent paper labels: These labels are very visible and do not blend into the background like other labels do. These can also be written on and the adhesive on the back side of the label secures it in place.
  • Glossy paper labels: These labels are more durable than matte paper labels, and contain permanent acrylic adhesive. Additionally, these labels are also scratch and scuff resistant, meaning that rough handling won’t cause them to deteriorate. They also have a glossy finish.
  • Matte paper labels: These are the ordinary and average labels that one sees on everyday packages. Matte paper labels use permanent adhesives, which stick to plastic containers, corrugated boxes, and metal containers. They must be printed and cannot be written on.
  • Removable paper labels: Like florescent paper labels, these can also be written on. They’re also weather proof and easy to remove.

Plastic labels:

  • Self-laminating plastic: Weather and water proof labels that can be written on and are good for the outdoors.
  • Vinyl labels: These are flexible labels that can be used on any packaging. They are weather resistant and can be written on.

Using the correct material and placement of your shipping labels can help save costs and reduce headaches, making your company more efficient and effective. Give the decision time and careful thought to make sure you’re using the best choice every time.

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