Subscription boxes are one of the most popular E-Commerce business models in 2018, and SunShip is helping many major subscription box companies drive revenue through the roof by saving them money on their shipping, packaging, and kitting. After working with various subscription box companies, SunShip has the experience to eliminate your shipping headaches. SunShip will help you strategize and end-to-end fulfillment solution with custom packaging, shipping, and tracking. We know presentation is everything, upon account creation you will work closely with our kitting experts to design the most appealing, and cost effective presentation for your products. 


Our software - Logistico, by Magaya will offer you the ability to track all orders from start to finish. You will be able to monitor inventory levels in real time from anywhere in the world. Plus, Logistico offers marketplace integrations allowing you to sell individual products to customers who loved receiving them in your box, all while automatically updating the inventory on the backend once an order is placed.


Our Subscription Box Fulfillment Service Can Be Broken Down Into 6 Simple Steps:

  1. In-depth Consultation
  2. Account Creation
  3. Demo & Guidance
  4. Receiving & Storage
  5. Assembly & Verification
  6. Shipping & Reporting